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Below are my Android programs, and they all for SmartQ5 which running Convia Android Only!

Q5 Root Enabler

After install & run this program, your Q5 will be rooted. This can enable you to run some application that need root access, like the one below or BlueZ and many others!

Click here for install instructions.

Note : It has a know problem that the application sometimes may hang in the progress dialog. Please reboot your Q5 and run the program again. After successfully root, this program can be uninstall.

Q5 Bluetooth Dial Up Network

Version 1.2 Screen Shot

This program enable you use your mobile phone work as a modem for connect to the internet, but you must have a root access to Q5 first. Please read the Help topic before you use the program.

Click here for install instructions

Change Log:

Version 1.2 (20091218)

  • Add a switch to turn off active WiFi interface.
  • Disable Connect Button while WiFi is active.
  • Make button bigger.
  • Some translaction change.

Version 1.1 (20091209)

  • Add progress dialog , so no more timeout issue.
  • Move all inline string into xml.
  • Add Traditional Chinese & Simplify Chinese Support
  • Refine UI
  • Better method to check connection status.
  • Clean up code
Q5 USB Memory Stick Manager

Let you access to the USBMemory Device contents which plug into the Q5.

Click here for instructions

Note: This application request root access, please install and run Q5 Root Enabler first.

29 Dec 09 - All above program can run on 28-Dec firmware.

Please feel free to contact me at : android [at] gval.biz  
Above programs are free to use, and free from unsightly ads. Donations are always welcome, and greatly appreciated.
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